Brief Organization introduction

JindeCharities Organization was founded in Shijiazhuang in May 1997 and approved by the government in August 1998as the first Catholic CharitableOrganization in China  (NGO/NPO) . On April 11, 2006, it was officially registered as "Hebei Jinde  Charities Service Centre",  on May 31, 2011, it was officially registered as "Hebei Jinde Charities Organization", and won the AAAA unit of China social organization evaluation level. On October 19, 2018, it  obtained the qualification Certificate for  Collect donation of Charity Organizations. (when applying for a project proposal, It simply indicate that after its establishment,and it became the first NGO Church at that time and  Charities Organization today as well.)

The Organization adheres to the principle of regardless of nationality, belief, gender and region, and provides assistance to socially vulnerable groups . The main scope of services  includes disaster relief, medical aid for extremely poor families, poverty alleviation, education, elderly care services, AIDS prevention, capacity building, etc.

Bank information of Jinde Charities Foundation for Foreign Currency Transfer