Thank You! We Have Received the New Clothes.


The project of “You May Donate the Freight, I Donated the Clothes” has gotten people's enthusiastic support. At present, all the outerwear clothing, such as stormsuits, cotton padded clothes and woolen clothes, have been sent to 34 regions or institutions, such as Sandu of Guizhou, Ya'an of Sichuan, Chengde Mountain Area of Hebei Province, and “Cerebral Palsy Network” and etc.. The recipients responded, “Thank you very much for your lovely donation. We have received the new clothes.”

The Children in Guizhou Love Spring Social Welfare Service Center try on new

Henan Jiaozuo Great Love Children's Home gives new clothes to children

A total of RMB 24150 has been raised for the project, and 15449 of freight has been settled. Many organizations have received the clothes and expressed their sincere gratitude to the donors, including the donation of freight.

Welfare Center of Sandu County, Guizhou Province received new clothes

Children of Shaanxi Double Love Social Center try on new clothes

Children and staff of Ark Enlightenment Rehabilitation Center in Inner Mongolia try on new clothes

Children receive new clothes at Tianyuan Yizhi Training School in Linyi, Shandong Province

The village committee from Chengde Longhua Hanjiadian Changgoumen said, “Thank you for donating warm clothes to us. We distribute them to the villagers who need them most. The children really feel the warmth.” A villager, Yang Qin said, “...Your care and love give us strength and encourage us to get rid of poverty.”

Jinde Charities will continue to pay attention to the follow-up distribution and update the progress of the project.

Thanks again to all the people who participated in this love activity.

Villagers in Gangoumen village, Longhua County, Chengde, receive new clothes

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