Handan Diocese Advocated “Practice Economy and Oppose Waste”


Faith Weekly This year, the global novel coronavirus pneumonia has sounded the alarm for us. At present, the whole society is creating an atmosphere of shame and thrift. President Xi Jinping strongly discourages food waste. He pointed out that although China's grain production has been bumper year after year, we still need to be aware of the crisis of food security.

Handan Diocese of Hebei Province launched the initiative of "practicing economy and opposing waste" on September 1. September 1 is also the "prayer day for the care of the world" for Christians all over the world. Pope Francis invited people to reflect on the call of God and examine their eating habits. In order to practice the connotation of faith, Christians should be more diligent and thrifty and oppose waste. "We all live in a common home, ...we should protect Her with prayer and action,” the Pope said. The epidemic has allowed us to rediscover simpler and more sustainable lifestyles. This year is the Jubilee of the earth, so it is the right time for us to restore the original harmony of the world and restore the damaged interpersonal relationships.

Diligence and thrift are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. At the time when the state vigorously advocates saving and stopping waste, we should make our faith in life, strive to be practitioners, propagandists and promoters of "practicing economy and opposing waste" with practical actions, and make contributions to the cultivation of good social atmosphere.

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