Baotou: Service Team Visiting Patients in the Rain


The epidemic has isolated us, and people's care can only be achieved through "telecommunication". Now that the epidemic has eased, the service team of the Holy Family Church has begun to visit the sick or the disabled. 

On August 29th, there was thunder and lightning and heavy rain in Baotou. The  service team visited a patient who has just had surgery. “You are really loving angels! You not only bring us warm and care, but also a great blessing from heaven,” said his wife excitedly.

When the service team comes to a home, everyone cares and greets each other as if they haven’t seen each other for a long time. A member of the team said, “We hope to care for the people in need in time. The COVID-19 prevents us from visiting, but the rain can’t”, he added humorously, “It's ‘love in the rain’.”

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