Yunnan: Caring for Freshmen Entering Campus

The sudden epidemic not only broke the peace and joy of the Spring Festival, but also put our daily life under severe test. In order to protect teachers and students, many colleges and universities have officially suspended classes. With new semester coming, parents and students are looking forward to the announcement of the start of school. Finally! Finally! Finally! College students are going back to school!
The service team of the Holy Heart of Jesus in Kunming is ready to help new students. The team arranged in order, to pick up them from airport, or high speed railway station, or railway station, or passenger station, then send each one to their major colleges or universities in Kunming City, Yunnan Province for free. They would like to help them understand the new environment and make new friends, and encourage them to be good students with both good character and learning. The students may experience the universal love and communion in Christ.

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