Jinde Service --Matteo Ricci Volunteer


In 2010, Jinde Charities established the Matteo Ricci Volunteer project. The purpose is to help youth to learn from Matteo Ricci's bravery, justice, generosity and spirit of becoming everyone for all through serving the people in need, so as to establish the values and outlook on life of “dedication, justice, simplicity and solidarity”, so as to live a richer life.

When they were young, they made a serious choice, that is to spend a year to serve disabled children, who may be abandoned by their parents, or lonely elderly, or AIDS patients, or kindergarten children, or primary school students etc..

Any choice brings challenges, and they never shrink back: when Lei Lei saw the children with physical and mental disorders, she felt helpless, but through a month of company and service, she turned into as their friend, sister and mother.

She used her pocket money to buy the same shoes for a child. Seeing that they were wearing the same shoes, the child laughed gaily.

Lei Lei is helping the girl with dysphagia to eat

Every choice has a responsibility, and the volunteers have lived up to their mission: brother Yong sends the children to school one after another after meal, and then brings them back after school. When "Students" go to school, he starts to tidy up the house, washes their clothes. In the evening, he tutors their homework. So they named him "Model Family Man". These "students", some have autism, some depression, or some with Down syndrome, it takes his time to tutor. Later on, they gave him another name “Super Brother”.

Li Zeqi is taking care of the elderly

Feng Feng is accompanying children with cerebral palsy

Up to now, a total of 152 volunteers have done their service, respectively from 24 provinces in China, and 35 institutions the volunteers have served. In a word, the volunteers have enriched their lives through one year's service, and wrote the teachings of Mother Teresa with their actions: “The fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is benevolence, and the fruit of benevolence is service”.

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