Jinde Service--Medical Assistance


Jinde service mainly aims to the disadvantaged groups in society on the principle of regardless of nationality, belief, gender and region. It includes disaster relief and prevention, medical assistance for poor families, poverty alleviation, tuition, elderly service, AIDS protection, education and training, etc.. These projects began on a continuous basis, some even before the registration of Jinde Charities.

Since 2000, Jinde began to help individuals or families who are disabled due to illness or natural disasters or human misfortune, and provides one-to-one medical assistance.

Help Children Beat Leukemia

Summarizing nearly five years, cancer accounted for 33% of all applications, 20% of which were leukemia, 60% were under 20 years old. According to the survey in 2018, the cure rate of childhood leukemia is about 80%, but the treatment cost is about 500 thousand. For an ordinary family, the cost is too difficult to bear. With the increase of leukemia, Jinde specially launched the "Help Children Beat Leukemia" project in 2019. In addition, Jinde also uses public welfare activities to raise money for teenagers with leukemia.

For patients with leukemia, we will promote fund-raising through http://www.jinde.org/, Jinde subscription, Faith newspaper and other ways, in order to obtain treatment opportunities soon.

Zhao Yinjian was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in his third year of university. We immediately raised money for him. After receiving the money, he immediately "entered the warehouse" for bone marrow transplantation.

Zhao Yinjian was transferred to the ward after operation

Zhou Guangze, need 15 courses of chemotherapy, now in the 12th chemotherapy

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