Donation of Mosquito Nets to Areas in Urgent Need


Recently, Jinde Charities received a batch of mosquito nets donated by a loving person from Qinhuangdao, and entrusted Jinde Charities to distribute these nets to people who are in need.

In the dog days, the hot tide is unbearable, and mosquitoes breed. This batch of mosquito nets is just in use. Jinde Charities Project Department plans to help some families in poor mountainous areas, boarding students and the elderly of no families. At present, these nets have been delivered to Jinde Charities and will be distributed to people in need soon.

The donor said: “This batch of mosquito nets can be sent out smoothly, I feel relieved. As soon as the summer comes, I begin to plan this matter, and I've been worrying about how to help people. Now I'm so happy that my wish can come true!

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