The Fengtai Red Cross of Beijing Received Anti Epidemic Materials Donated by Chinese Catholic Association

     Author:Jinde Charities

On June 17, Jinde Charities had been entrusted by Chinese Catholic Association with colleges and faithful in society to send anti epidemic materials to Beijing.

There are 158000 medical surgical gloves and medical inspection gloves (including 1 box of 1000 gloves lost in the delivery process) to support Fengtai. Fengtai is the early outbreak of the epidemic area, among which Huaxiang and Xincun are two high-risk areas. The work of epidemic prevention is arduous.

According to the national donation rules, after receiving the certificate of quality from Jinde Charities, the materials were received by the Fengtai Red Cross and provided to the front line of the epidemic area in time. The Red Cross staff said: "Thank the Chinese Catholic faithful! These materials will be directly used by the prevention and control personnel in the centralized medical observation. Thank you for your generous support!”

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