Jinde Charities Pay More attention for Qiaojia Earthquake in Yunnan Province

     Author:Jinde Charities

According to The Seismic Monitoring Network, 21:47 on May 18, a 5.0 earthquake with 8 km focal depth (27.18 north latitude, 103.16 east longitude) occurred in Qiaojia County Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. At 4:35 am (19th), another 3.5 earthquake happened with 8 km focal depth also in Qiaojia. Until 6 a.m. on the 19th, 4 people has been killed (3 from Qiaojia and 1 from Ludian) and 23 people injured.

After the earthquake, the local government immediately launched the first aid plan, evacuated and resettled the people, the local schools also orderly evacuated students to safe place.

In Qiaojia County, the terrain is complex as it is of landform with mainly mountainous region. Natural disasters such as earthquake and debris flow occur from time to time. Local economy is also relatively backward. Jinde Charities once participated in the relief work of earthquake and flood in Qiaojia County, and also assisted the underprivileged students for a long time.

Jinde Charities learned from local partners that the government urgently organized a number of rescue teams to enter the epicenter. At present, the overall situation is relatively good, but most local houses are made of mud, some of which collapsed by earthquake. The specific disaster situation is being further verified.

Rescue soldiers searching for victims

Cracks by earthquake

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