Catholic Church Association Donated Protective Materials to Two Hospitals in Heilongjiang Province


On April 27, Catholic Church Association with the clergy and faithful from all society entrusted Jinde Charities to donate protective materials to Heilongjiang Province.

In the afternoon of April 29, the first batch of 50000 medical masks and 1000 goggles successfully arrived at the Bishopric House of Harbin.

At the end of April and the beginning of May, the protective materials one after another successively arrived at the Catholic Church of Heilongjiang. With support of the Provincial Committees and Religious Committee of Heilongjiang, the Catholic Delegation got in touch with the anti epidemic headquarters in time, and donated the protective materials to the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University and Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital respectively according to the headquarters’ opinions.

During the festival, the two hospitals have surely gotten the protective materials from the Bishopric House for the first line of anti epidemic. The hospital representatives are particularly grateful for the Catholic friends’ timely help and donation, and said "these are the most important materials in anti epidemic."

In addition, some disposable medical masks will be also distributed to special groups and churches in order to be ready in returning back school and work.

Bp. Yue Fusheng thanked the CPC Committee for their concern and support of the Association and also the Provincial Committee from both Hebei and Heilongjiang and the Religious Committee, so that these materials were used in the most urgent anti epidemic work.

Bp. Yue quoted Jesus' teaching that "whoever does for my youngest brother is doing for me." He said: “Although the Catholic Church of Heilongjiang is weak now, with the help from you, my dear clergy and friends in all society, we will do all our best to fight against the epidemic, so that the love of Christ can bring blessings to those in need. I hope that this epidemic will go over as soon as possible, then we could get back to our normal life earlier.”

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