Chinese Catholic Church Association with Various Others in Society to Support Heilongjiang Province, the First Batch of Supplies Has Arrived in Harbin

     Author:Jinde Charities

After the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, China adopted comprehensive, strict and thorough prevention and control measures, and has achieved sustained good results in the fight against the epidemic. However, with the increase of cases imported from overseas, a small city named Suifenhe at the China-Russian border port has become the front line of anti-COVID19 battlefield.

In order to safeguard the victory and fight the epidemic together with people of the whole country, Chinese Catholic Church Association, joining hands with all sectors of society, made positive response.

With the care and support from the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee and that of Heilongjiang and Hebei Provincial Party Committees, Chinese Catholic Church Association, joining hands with colleges and faithful and Heilongjiang Catholic Church, formulated an assistance plan on April 26 according to the needs of Heilongjiang Anti-epidemic Command. The plan includes providing 90,000 surgical masks, 100,000 latex gloves, 1,480 sets of protective clothing, 1,500 goggles, and 440 N95 protective masks, which are worth 540,000 yuan, to the affected areas in Heilongjiang Province.

On April 27, the Association entrusted Jinde Charities to send two batches of protective materials to Heilongjiang Province immediately on behalf of priests and believers nationwide. This afternoon (29th), the first batch of 50,000 medical masks and 1,000 goggles have been successfully delivered to the Bishop's House of Harbin. The same evening, another batch of protective materials will also arrive. On following day, Heilongjiang Catholic Church will donate these materials to the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, the Second Hospital of Harbin, and the workers combating in the anti-epidemic front line in Suifenhe on behalf of the Association priests and faithful from all society.

A batch of materials sent from Shijiazhuang on April 27th

The first batch of supplies arrived in Harbin on April 29th

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