Friends from Afar, Please Join in the Relief Work of the Catholic Church in China

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Friends from Afar, Please Join in the Relief Work of the Catholic Church in China!

An Invitation to Foreign Catholic Communities in China to Participate in the Disaster Relief Day

Please share this article with your friends from foreign Catholic communties. Sincere thanks on behalf of the victims.


Inspired by experiences of Churches outside of China, beginning on the Palm Sunday of 2017, the Church in China had launched Her Disaster Relief Day (DRD), calling individuals, parishes and communities to donate one Sunday’s collection to the relief fund. March 15, 2018 was the second DRD. On that day as well as the following Sundays, clerics and lay people alike from parishes and different communities throughout the entire country generously offered their love and support.

the relief work in Jilin Province, northeast of China, July 2017

With cooperation from local Church communities in China (parishes, dioceses and communities) as well as Caritas Germany, Jinde Charities, as their representative, was able to help countless disaster affected victims. In 2017, we were able to provide emergency relief materials to 3095 families (circa 15,000 people) affected by floods or fire in 19 villages, townships and residential communities in Human, Jilin, Gansu and Guizhou provinces. The total amounted to 574,758.08 RMB. 

the relief work in Shandong Province, China, September 2018

In 2018, the donations from Catholics of the entire country have been distributed among victims of flood in Shandong, earthquake in Taiwan, volcano eruption in Guatemala and tsunami in Indonesia. The total has already come to 1,630,000 RMB. Some projects are still in process.

Today, Catholic communities made up by the faithful from overseas have become an important component of the Catholic Church in China. Many Catholics from these communities have already participated in the relief works organized by local Churches. Being important members of the large Catholic family in China, how could we not include you in this nation-wide significant act of love?

the children at the shelter in Guatemala after violent eruption of the volcano


Therefore, we cordially invite you and your community to join the Chinese Catholics throughout the country in this relief effort. It is our request that, beginning from Nov. 1, 2018, within the last two months of this year, you could donate one Sunday’s collection to this collective humanitarian work for the poor and the needy. This will be a significant witness of love from the Catholic Church in China. 

Jinde Charities        


the children at the shelter in Guatemala after violent eruption of the volcano


How to donate:

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Please scan this QR code to donate. If you need receipt, please follow the instructions to register, Thanks!

the shelter in Guatemala after violent eruption of the volcano

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N.B.: Enclosed is an article written on March 15, 2018, the second DRD, that we’d like to share with you.

March 25, 2018, the Palm Sunday: the second Disaster Relief Donation Day for the Catholic Clergy and Faithful in China

By Fr. John Baptiste Zhang


The first Disaster Relief Day was established by the Catholic Church in China and Jinde Charities last year, and got very positive response and the strong support from all Church communities throughout the country. The enthusiastic participation and generous contribution by the Dioceses, parishes and individuals moved us a lot. However, some people still have some concerns and questions. For example: "This year our parish has donated tens of thousands of yuan to local charities and poor families, do we have to ask our parishioners to donate again?” There are also some different opinions: "Don't always raise money for the disaster relief, after all, the disaster relief is a matter for the government! Jinde Charities should continue to focus on the individual families who are in need of help.” Still some are concerned: “Why does Jinde choose to cooperate with certain organizations?  Why do our own "firecracker" to others' ring '"?  Why have our donations been used outside of the own Church?” ( ……. )     

In late August 2018, catastrophic floods broke out in Shouguang, Shandong province. September 4, full of gratitude, a beneficiary of the relief work says: "All the cooking untensils have been destroyed by the flood. The kettle and the pot you gave us are really timly help!"


Facing these above-cited questions I hope to help you better understand the situation and reasons, with a hope that Jesus who is among the disasters victims will receive more love from all church communities and all walks of love in the new year. Therefore, I would like to share this with all the Catholic clergy and faithful in China.

Why should we participate in

the "Disaster Relief Donation Day"?

---“For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of god rather than burnt offerings” ( Hosea 6:6)  

On the annual Palm Sunday, right before the celebration of the Christ’s Paschal mystery, it’s the right time for the Catholic clergy and faithful to make a loving contribution for the disaster relief effort. Then why should we do it?

First of all, it is the command of Jesus Christ to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. The Good Samaritan is the model for humanitarian efforts (Lk 10:29037). Jesus said: “Go and do likewise” (Lk 10:37). Facing the victims of natural disasters, we should not refuse to offer help as the priest and Levites did, but to follow the example of the Good Samaritan by generously lending an urgently needed helping hand, always remembering what God said through the prophet: "I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice" (Hosea6:6).

the earthquake in Taiwan, 2018

Secondly, Disaster Relief Day is a traditional loving act of the Universal Church. Although this seems to be a new act for not only the Chinese Catholic clergy and faithful, but also for Jinde Charities, for the Universal Church, it has been a long tradition to join hands for the disaster relief works though mutual cooperation with various Church organizations and communities all over the world.           

Through the Disaster Donation Day every year, the Catholic clergy and faithful in China can participate in disaster relief works through donations and other kinds of contributions. During the past 20 years, whenever there were natural disasters, the Church would provide relief service in a timely manner. With the support of Chinese Catholic Church in China, Caritas International, Caritas Asia, Caritas Germany, and other Caritas Network members, and with the cooperation of the other Church Social Service Centers in China as well, Jinde Charities has been carrying out disaster relief works in different places in China.

Thirdly, Disaster Relief Day also comes from the self-awareness and cooperationo f all Chinese clergy and faithful. Through the cooperation we have won both the social and the Church media’s (including the goernment and the Holy See) report and help. With the understanding and support of both the Catholic and non - Catholic friends, the Catholic parishes and Dioceses, the provincial and local Church organizations, as well as the blessings of the Holy Father, the first Disaster Donation Day bore good fruits.   

the relief work in Taiwan, 2018

Different from other activities and events, the contributions for Disaster Relief Day will only be used for disaster relief works regardless of one’s political backgrounds and religious beliefs, it does not involve any sensitive issues. Jinde Charities always adheres to the principle of practicing charity and witnessing faith, offering loving help to anyone in need regardless of nationality, religion, gender, etc. Our aim is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, and the purpose is to share the responsibility and burden of our country and government, to walk along with the society by witnessing the gospel message. In implementing the project, Jinde will strictly follow the guidelines of openness and transparency, without attaching any political and religious conditions. (Thanks to the Catholic clergy and faithful’s’ generous donations! At the same time, we are particularly grateful to the non-Catholic friends and other kindhearted people for their support as well!)

Fourthly, mutual cooperation can make Chinese Catholic Church strong and full of hope. If the Catholic Church communities in China remain isolated without communication, coordination, cooperation, and do things independently, then our strength on disaster relief works will be weakened. It's urgent for us to create a new image and atmosphere of solidarity and cooperation. The power of the 2017 National Disaster Relief Day has shown us the potential and hope of the Chinese Catholic Church.   

Therefore, we call on all the Chinese Catholic clergy and faithful, including those who did not know and missed the chance to act on time last year, to come together on March 25th, the second Disaster Relief Donation Day, to make the contribution either in the name of the local Churches in various provinces and cities, or in the name of Diocese or parishes and individuals. Let us be of one heart and one mind to witness the gospel!

Fifthly, our lovely contribution is for Jesus our lord, will be blessed by him. Our donation is not for an individual, a local church (Diocese or parish), a charitable organization (foundation or social service centre), nor for a Church institute (national or provincial), but for Jesus, for our lord is often present in the weak and the victims. Jesus had clearly told us: “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family you did it to me” ( Matthew25:40). Whoever in Jesus’ name makes the contribution to the victim will get the double or many-fold rewards. 

   As the Holy Father Pope Francis asked us in his 2018 Lenten Message: “How much I wish the alms-giving can become your way of life for every one of you! When we give alms to others, we take part in God's care for each of his children. If God had helped someone through me today, would he not take care of my own needs tomorrow? For no one is more generous than God. " 

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